Well Done Melissa, Lottie and Buddy

Thanks to Chapel Farm sponsored Agility Handler Melissa MacRae for this update on the season so far.

“Lottie is competing consistently well at Grade 7; we’ve reached 2 Championship Finals this year with just small errors costing us placings. Buddy my young dog is going into his second season of competing, things are starting to come together now and he recently won a class at Wigton DTC Show which moves him up from Grade 3 to Grade 4. (Grades go from 1-7 but once your first dog gets to Grade 3, any of your future dogs must start competing at Grade 3, which meant Buddy began his career competing against more experienced dogs).”

Thanks also for the photo showing Lottie and Buddy with Rosettes won so far this season. We look forward to hearing of future success which we are sure will not be far away.