A Memorable Season For Sarah Miles

Many Congratulations to Chapel Farm Sponsored Handler Sarah Miles who had a fantastic 2023 season.

First of all with Texacali Praline of Meonvalley, in the photo, (Gracie, who is now FTCh subject to KC approval) who qualified for the Championship early in the season where they were awarded a magnificent fourth place. Gracie is fed on Chapel Farm and Sarah says that “Gracie is especially fond of the new Lamb” and that “her condition never wavered and she arrived at the Championship in excellent condition”.

Also competing was Gracie’s son Meonvalley Woodfield (Idris). “After being awarded three thirds in three trials he then won taking him from Novice to Open   He ran in one 2 day open and was one of two dogs left but sadly failed on his last retrieve. However he was awarded Guns Choice so still covered himself in glory. I am looking forward to running him next year. He has been fed on Chapel Farm since he was born. Starting with the Puppy food which I recommend strongly”.

Thanks very much for taking the time to write Sarah and also for the excellent photo, good luck in 2024.