About Chapel Farm Dog Food

David Lisett, Manager of Buccleuch Gundogs at Chapel Farm Kennels, has been involved in the development of the Chapel Farm Premium Dog Food Range right from the start. It is formulated to support the exact nutritional requirements of adult working dogs, whatever their workload or personality. The different varieties in the range allow the Buccleuch Gundogs to go from resting to performance in two complete meals. We feed the Chapel Farm Premium Dog Food range to the three different breeds in the Chapel Farm Kennels.  We are more than convinced that it fulfils their requirements and are extremely happy with the results; which show in how the Buccleuch dogs look and perform.

To have a happy dog it needs to be a healthy dog. What I feed our dogs is of paramount importance for both their well-being and their performance. The dogs have never looked so well since being fed the diets in the Chapel Farm Premium Dog Food Range and that is why I feed Chapel Farm dog food.” David Lisett.

Each variety in the Chapel Farm Premium Dog Food range is specifically formulated and has specific benefits for feeding your dog. The main differences between the varieties are explained in more detail on our product pages.

Want to become a Chapel Farm Stockist?

We feel that our Chapel Farm Dog Food range of products are very competitively priced for a premium dog food, and our stockist prices do give significant discount on the RRP per bag. If you are interested in becoming a stockist for further details and price lists please contact our dedicated team directly via email on chapelfarm@buccleuch.com or call us on 01848 600402.

What goes into Chapel Farm Premium Dog Food?

All of the Chapel Farm Premium Dog Food ranges of products are free from BHA, we only use natural antioxidants to stabilise our feeds.  The products in our Chapel Farm Dog Food range are clear of any colour additives and all of our products are naturally preserved. Our chicken is great quality and is fit for human consumption; the chicken used in our range does not include any feet, feathers or beaks from the animal carcass. All pet foods contain EC permitted additives such as vitamins and trace minerals which are essential to dogs and therefore need included in our range of dog food. The calcium content for each of the varieties in our Chapel Farm Dog food range is between 1.2% -2.0%.