A Welcome to Craig Barratt of South Yorkshire

We are most grateful to new stockist Craig Barratt for the following testimonial.

“My name is Craig; I have been working and involved with dogs all of my life in some form or another, from having dogs as pets to working animals. I currently have 2 Cocker Spaniel dogs, 1 Cocker Spaniel bitch and an English Springer Spaniel bitch. Now as you can imagine this is a lot of dogs to feed and I have always been a firm believer of feeding my own dogs, all of which work in the field, the best food I can.I had been feeding all my dogs on a branded food until I came across Chapel Farm Dog Food, I changed over my oldest cocker spaniel dog to performance 20 food and I couldn’t believe in a week the difference not only in my dogs coat but the energy that he had to keep going drive after drive on a shoot.As a result of this I have now converted all my dogs over to Chapel Farm Dog Food and highly recommend it to anyone that I meet.

I was so impressed with this food within 3 weeks of getting it and using it I contacted the supplier, and asked to be an authorised re-seller to help spread the word about how good this food is and at the right price which we all know is important!

For me, there is no better food on the market at this price.

Craig, Ravenfield Gun Dogs”


Our thanks to Craig for the e-mail and also for the photo showing his Cocker spaniel, Hudson.

To discuss Chapel Farm with Craig, call him on 07917 582542