More Positive Feedback for Puppy/Junior

Chapel Farm  would like to offer our sincere thanks to Paul Challans for taking the time to send the e-mail below with the accompanying photo.

“Over the last several weeks we have had our pups on a trial of the puppy food from Chapel Farm .We have to say that the pups which we have reared on the food are in exceptional health. What we have noticed is that there has been a steady weight increase as one would hope for pups of this age .We have neither worried about too much or too little increase . Their overall health, demeanour and gloss is fantastic and we are extremely pleased with their energy levels. It is very rare to find a food which suits so well without any of the pitfalls which we so often encounter.

We have used the Chapel Farm food on our ESS puppies but have now started to feed the cocker pup on the food .The changeover was easy and there were no unsavoury reactions during this period .

This has certainly got to be one of the best puppy foods we have ever used and the price point is more than acceptable.

We wish Chapel Farm the very best with the puppy food and would not hesitate to recommend on the basis of our experience.

Best wishes to you all

Paul Challans

Merovigian gundogs”