Our Thanks to Client Ella S for This Feedback

“I am writing to say how pleased I am with your dog food. I have 2 working dogs of my own, a Labrador and a young cocker spaniel. At present the cocker is still on your puppy/junior food and my lab is on the performance 24. Both my dogs look very fit and healthy on it and they keep good condition all year round. I have recently turned my boyfriend onto your food for his trialling Clumber spaniel and young Labrador. He too is very impressed with the standard of food. His clumber spaniel is on the performance 24+ and runs really well, he’s building muscle and has kept really good condition over the winter months while working. Their previous food started not to agree with them. I switched mine straight onto your food and they have been happy and healthy ever since.

As Gamekeeping students our dogs are essential for our line of work and so we want to keep them in the best condition possible and the key to this is good food. I don’t feed anything else with the food, as they seem to get everything they need from it. I am very impressed with the quality of food, convenience of delivery and brilliant customer service I always receive. Attached is a photo of my boyfriend’s 2 year old clumber and lab pup and my cocker pup looking pleased with their freshly delivered food, unfortunately my 6 year old lab is at home recovering from a barbed wire injury so is not in the photo but all 4 dogs are very happy and healthy on your food”. 

We are most grateful to Ella for taking the time to write and thank her also for sending the photo, we wish for a speedy recovery for her injured Lab.