Novice Win for Wiggle at Findrack Estate

The Highland Gundog Club held their Novice AV Spaniel Stake yesterday at Findrack Estate by kind permission of Mr Salvesen. The dogs were judged by Mr A Coutts and Mr S Dunn with keeper of the beat Mr S Harmison. David was competing with Cowarnecourt Jonquil of Buccleuch “Wiggle” and Buccleuch Kelsey “Laddie” and had a very good day achieving first place with Wiggle and third with Laddie. In second place was Mr Bill Johnston with Helmsway Honneybee.

David was also pleased to note that Mr Will Forbes was awarded 4th and guns choice with his young cocker Buccleuch Ingram (a brother to our Finn and Cracker) from a litter out of Buccleuch Brunello just last year.