A Great Year so far for Buccleuch Xena “Daisy”

The competition season began well for Chapel Farm Kennels when Gundog Trainer David Lisett and Labrador Buccleuch Xena, “Daisy”, were awarded first place in the Novice Retriever Test at Scone Game Fair in July. This was followed by a win in the first ever Scottish, Open Walked-Up Test for 30 A/V Retrievers organised by the North of Scotland Gundog Association also in July.

The 12th of August saw Daisy compete in her first Trial, a Novice Stake held at Edinglassie by the North of Scotland Gundog Association where she was announced the winner. This qualified her to compete in Open Stakes and on the 19th of October she won her first, a 1-day Open at Logiealmond organised by the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland. The next day she was in action again at the 2-day Open Stake held by Gordon District Gundog Club at Esslemont where David and Daisy’s luck held out and they were awarded first place.

Buccleuch Gundogs are very grateful to have had the opportunity to compete at these events and would like to take this opportunity to thank Holding Clubs, Organisers, Volunteers, Keepers, Estate Owners, Judges, and all others involved for their hard work, generosity and dedication without which they would not take place.