Chapel Farm Kennels Welcomes QI Visitors

Chapel Farm Kennels today received a visit from local students as part of the Queensberry Initiative which is a community charity project based here on Queensberry Estate. This aims to support pupils in making better connections with their local communities and increase employability skills by making use of the varied resources on the estate.

David and Kennel-Man Paul started by giving tours of the kennels where everyone was given insight into normal daily husbandry activities such as feeding, cleaning, grooming and bathing the dogs. There was also a fair amount of petting of dogs and puppies which was greatly enjoyed by all.

Afterwards the group moved outside where David gave demonstrations showing the training development of gundogs from puppy to adult. Some of the students became involved and showed they had been paying close attention to what David had been saying by getting Chad and Bella to carry out some retrieves. It was a great morning in glorious sunshine and judging by the smiles all round had been well enjoyed.