New Product for Chapel Farm

INVEST ‘N’ DIGEST LAMB Has been specifically designed to help improve poor digestion, condition, energy levels and aid in physical and mental health. It has been vigorously tried and tested at Chapel Farm Kennels and with other top trainers and we have been delighted with the results and feedback received. To give an idea, here is what Veterinarian Dr Phil Dyson MRCVS and Mr Simon Dixon of Dawsonlee Kennels had to say:

“Having worked with and fed dogs for many years I had great results when trialling the new “Invest ‘N’ Digest Lamb product from Chapel Farm. During the time of the trial, I could see clear improvements in Digestion, Coat Condition, Weight and overall General Health. It is a food that I am very happy to use and have no hesitation in recommending to others”. Dr Phil Dyson

 “I found Invest and Digest Lamb, the new food you are launching, to be very good especially with two of my 10 dogs who always seem to have loose stools and struggled to keep weight on. I had a month’s supply and noticed a marked improvement after just 10 days and by the end of the month they were both having solid stools and both looking very healthy. I cannot wait to get an order in as soon as the product is launched”. Mr Simon Dixon

 Initially expected mid-August we have been advised that it should now be available to order from mid-day on the 15th of July and we will be launching at an INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNT PRICE of £23.oo per 15Kg bag.

(Normal price is expected to be similar to 24+)