Chapel Farm sponsored Simon Dixon is having a fabulous Trialling season as he has to date won nine of the Trials he has entered and as a result has qualified a magnificent five English Springer Spaniels to compete at the AV Spaniel Championship being held at Blenheim Palace on the 15th, 16th and 17th of January 2020.

In addition, this year also saw Dawsonlee Karlos made up to a Field Trial Champion by winning his second Open Stake a week after qualifying for the Championship by winning his first.

The dogs Simon has qualified, which are all fed on Chapel Farm Performance 24+, are FTCH Dawsonlee Jellybean, FTCH Dawsonlee Karlos, Dawsonlee Karissma, Dawsonlee Legacy and Dawsonlee Legolas.

Qualifying five dogs for the Championship in one season is a truly fantastic achievement and we congratulate Simon on his success to date and offer our very best wishes for Blenheim.

Photo shows Simon with Dawsonlee Legacy following a win earlier in the season.