[cq_vc_testimonialcarousel names=”SAM C,MIKE C,MAGGIE T,SAMUEL K,MATT E,IAN R,DAVID LISSETT,SARAH G,ANDREW F,STEVE R,MONTY W,JANE B” subtitles=”Q3VzdG9tZXIlMEFDdXN0b21lciUwQUN1c3RvbWVyJTBBQ3VzdG9tZXIlMEFDdXN0b21lciUwQUN1c3RvbWVyJTBBRG9nJTIwVHJhaW5lciUyMC0lMjBCdWNjbGV1Y2glMjBFc3RhdGUlMEFDdXN0b21lciUwQUN1c3RvbWVyJTBBQ3VzdG9tZXIlMEFDdXN0b21lciUwQUN1c3RvbWVy” tbackgroundcolor=”#54b1d3″ ttextcolor=”#ffffff” colors=”#ffffff,#ffffff,#ffffff,#ffffff,#ffffff,#ffffff” autoplay=”on” autoplayspeed=”6000″ notooltip=”on” fontsize=”22″ namesize=”16″]”Caroline let us know that her dog is a 12 year old retired assistance dog retriever cross lab, she had bad joints and was on medication for her joints from the vets. Since being on the original food she’s been able to come off medication and is more mobile.”

“I have been training and breeding dogs for many years and over that time have used many quality puppy foods. I have never used any that gave such good results as Chapel Farm Puppy/Junior, the quality and condition of my current litter is fantastic. Having used 24+ for my adult dogs for some time I expected it to be good – and it really is”.

“This from a customer at Woolley who has a cocker spaniel that suffers from colitis. She was previously paying £12 per week for veterinary food and her dog was still not right and forever hungry on the veterinary food. She tried the Original 20 on the recommendation of a current user with the same problem.  She said today that the Chapel Farm Food has changed her life! Her dog has not suffered any colitis symptoms since being on Chapel Farm Food and she only wishes she had found it sooner. The dog is much happier, feeling fuller, coat is shinier and much happier in herself”.

“All of our dogs are fed on Chapel Farm since we switched from other, far more expensive products. Since we switched to Chapel Farm our dogs are fitter, more alert and in better condition than they have ever been”.

“I would just like to send a message to tell you how well my dogs are getting on with your food…my one year Labrador is in amazing condition.. this goes for my 8 year old as well! I’m finally glad I have found a food that is easily bought and with good ingredients”.

“Initially I was reluctant to try as it seemed too cheap, especially compared to what I had been using. Thank goodness I did as I now get 2 bags delivered to my door for less than I was paying for one of the previous brand and dogs are doing great on it”.

“To have a happy dog it needs to be a healthy dog. What I feed our dogs is of paramount importance for both their well-being and their performance. The dogs have never looked so well since being fed the diets in the Chapel Farm Premium Dog Food Range and that is why I feed Chapel Farm dog food.” 

“My competition dog seems to have more stamina, and has found his winning form having won his first Open Working test. So I am happy to recommend Chapel Farm’s dog food to anyone.”

“I initially tried the dog food and found my two young spaniels thrived on it and my older lab improved condition no end. You could pay a lot more money for food this good so it’s great value, I would highly recommend it”.

“We have been feeding our Adult dogs on Chapel Farm Performance 24 for some time now with immense results”

“Excellent for condition, stamina and all-round health it is all you could want for your dog in ONE bag. A Quality dog food at a competitive price.”

“I have two Agility dogs, they have been on CFDF now for three months and what a difference! Their energy levels are so much higher, their coats look amazing and they sure perform better so much so that I have a job to keep up with them.”[/cq_vc_testimonialcarousel]